Downloads and Forms

Basics of Water Polo
Understand the rules of the game

Complete Rules of Water Polo
FINA Water Polo Rules

Code of Conduct
For the safety of our athletes, and due to our commitment to maintain high standards in a facility dedicated to the training of High Performance athletes, it is necessary for both parents and athletes to read, discuss, and sign the code of conduct.

Club Handbook
An in-depth resource for all things Shadow. The handbook provides reference information such as program descriptions, contact details, fees and payments options.

Release Form
Program participants are required to complete the release form which is part of the registration package.

Membership/Registration Form
Shadow Water Polo Club Athlete Registration

Ontario Water Polo Registration Policy
OWP Registration Policy. Must be signed.

Water Polo Canada Release of Liability
WPC Release of Liability and Waiver. Must be signed.

Ontario Water Polo Concussion Policy
The policy adopted by OWP for the protection of our athletes’ long term health.

Concussion Guidelines for Parents and Caregivers
What is a concussion? Information about signs and symptoms of a concussion and treatment.

Shadow Water Polo Club Registration Package
All of the documents you need to sign in one place. Please ensure they are submitted to your team manager as soon as possible.